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The Multi-Exchange Bitcoin API offers a proper consistent and OO API access across multiple bitcoin exchanges
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Welcome to the Multi-Exchange Bitcoin API!

This project aims to:

  • provide a set of well developed interfaces useful in representing useful concepts like
    • currency
    • money
    • exchange rate
    • currency market
  • promote their use
  • provide API implementations of various bitcoin exchanges using them

This is an example of typical usage:

import mexbtcapi
from mexbtcapi.concepts.currencies import USD
from mexbtcapi.concepts.currency import Amount

ten_dollars= Amount(10, USD)
for api in mexbtcapi.apis:
    print "At %s I can get %s for my %s (that's %s)"%(, exchange_rate.convert( ten_dollars ), ten_dollars, exchange_rate)

At the moment, this code returns this output:

At MtGox I can get 1.25 BTC for my 10.00 USD (that's 12.45 USD/BTC)

Obtaining the latest source

This project is currently developed at github:

Adding suport for a new market

Please consult the add_market file

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