Mini meteostation with ESP12E (NodeMCU)
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The meteostation building kit is available on

(english language),
(czech language),

List of interesting sensors:

Mini meteostation with ESP12E (ESP8266, NodeMCU)

Mini meteostation contains 4x 4pin headers for I2C sensors and one analog header for connecting of analog sensor like CO2 sensor.

PCB is designed in eagle.
The platic box is KM-27 and 3D case is available in this repository.

How to upload the code:
Meteo board | USB-UART bridge
TX -> RX
RX -> TX

Choose NodeMCU 1.0 board in Board manager, upload the code. Then unplug the USB-UART converter

Connecting of I2C sensor:
Meteo board | I2C sensor
+ -> VCC (3.3V)
c -> SCL
d -> SDA
no label -> GND

And power supply of course.

The meteo board can be powered by mini USB connector, 3.3V pin header or external power supply (up to 16V)

If you want to use sleeping mode of the ESP12E, solder SJ1 jumper (GPIO16 and RESET pin)