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Zeppelin Solidity

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OpenZeppelin is a library for writing secure Smart Contracts on Ethereum.

With OpenZeppelin, you can build distributed applications, protocols and organizations:

Peur marketplace and payroll integration

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Peur is on a mission to:

  • Develop a global decentralized payment, payroll integration and marketplace based on smart contract.
  • Make the payment process simple and efficient with just one click.
  • Make accepting payments for merchants generally cheaper and faster transfer.
  • Provide an opportunity for merchants to accept cryptocurrency mobile payment.
  • Bring the Ethereum-based token economy to lifestyle and part of life. In simple words: Our mission is to develop and deploy the best transaction system and accomodate small and enterprise B2B,B2C and freelancer/service provider company to growth together as one in Peur marketplace. Transaction and fund transfer will be done in one step. Transaction fees would be simplified from many to a simple transaction fee wherever the consumer and merchants are located.

Peur solution

A decentralized system working together through a Ethereum blockchain based payment gateway, we are creating a decentralized payment, marketplace and trust solution on the Ethereum blockchain. Merchants will be able to accept Ethereum based cryptocurrencies and exchange them with fiat currencies instanly. Merchants and customers will participate in global decentralized e-commerce with total trust and reputation smart contract.

  • Key performance indicator for each merchant, company, freelancer, service provider and customer based on smart contract
  • Price parameter will provide the best price for customer compare to the other major marketplace
  • Hall of fame and Hall of shame reputation based on smart contract
  • Zero interest fee in credit payment
  • Build merchants/service provider reputation and trust based on smart contract
  • Build convenience in online and offline transaction for both merchant and customers
  • Build healthy ecosystem among merchants and customers
  • Anti manipulation and fraud transactions, reputation rank and payroll system
  • Marketplace and payroll integration system based on smart contract
  • Fair competition between merchant, service and company
  • Convert directly from crypto currency to fiat currency locally and internationally through Peur exchange instant rate
  • Fast and low cost transfer payment
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Marketplace with the lowest fee
  • Stringent security protocol

With Peur hall of fame and hall of shame, trust and reputation. Peur marketplace will provide the best amenities in transaction between providers and users

Peur community forum

  • Become Peur ambassador, sales representative, regional manager, forum moderator, participate in Peur development, branch manager etc
  • Accept Peur token as reward for your contribution in Peur communities

Peur official

Peur warning

Peur project is a work in progress. Current versions is still under development and it's not fully secured and functional, closed beta will be release in november 2018. Please be sure that you understand the risk before participate in Peur ICO

Collaborating organizations and audits by OpenZeppelin

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