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soundcloud logo in π

This program attempts to find soundcloud logo in decimal points of π. See full details here:


You'll need scala with sbt to run this. Ruby with bundle is required for optional visualization.

sbt compile
bundle install

Also, download the file containing first billion digits of pi:



Running the program will generate result bmp's in results/ directory.

mkdir results
sbt run < pi-billion.txt | bundle exec ruby image.rb

You can also run it without generating image results:

sbt run < pi-billion.txt

Or for first N digits:

head -c N pi-billion.txt | sbt run



Rank Image Sequence Offset
1 002018389971220218045582410106189055335572418584786986482348181759008404675658168791 986358010
2 800215341351220103034671310222446476806212424333014653707055343830806304853974200132 380812540
3 013117783721171024573721821112998426218872817454685486857689969988482702703608582971 891207526
4 280307573702001026282082852100079309773702383444978475064387355071369219962589860871 894673827
5 101629546982060207887930301111977156147512363476354872593937840472193120450665403961 16276211
6 011025068461120225365774490241062847066922484590533101154650966505636125139938896540 236678313
7 121008386632828006353692404001989056001112432233104896875966576194676313998734249682 475652356
8 122101648600091283386856422112074761947801134540905302315407968769948919384772415950 545665906
9 241114290882013014932027820220115719980001855927285687118987365526304416427417096760 810069638
10 101012742930222023384572920712972751102542545231074489099239267715789219963276889672 877772334


The producer divides stream of digits into chunks for distributed processing (with proper overlapping to make sure it won't miss any result). Then it sends out work to consumers.

The consumer receives a chunk to search as well as a reference score which should be improved. If it finds a match scoring more than this reference, it sends the result back to sender.

The score is computed based on pattern of white, gray and black pixels, represented by ranges of colors. The reason for that is that human eye does not really see that much of a difference between #ffffff and #ebebeb or #333333 and #000000 for example, on a small image. If a pixel matches its range defined in pattern, it is worth some points. White is worth 5 points because the negative space around the logo really helps to draw its shape. Other ranges are worth 1 point. The sum of points of all 84 pixels constitutes result score.

To improve performance, we don't need to recalculate points for every of the pixels every time. We can use the scores from previously computed match and calculate only the scores at breakpoints - the points where pattern changes. In addition, we know the maximum possible score difference between consecutive windows - if current score is much smaller than reference maximum, we can skip appropriate number of next matches, because they won't improve the result.


Full search of billion digits takes 760s on my 4-core Macbook Air. It could be faster if you have more cores, run it on a cluster or tweak akka settings.

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