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This repository hosts the code source and documentation for the PewPew Live development environment. It allows anyone to create custom levels for PewPew Live.


You need a computer with Windows, macOS, or Linux. You currently can't use a phone or tablet.

Getting started

  1. Download a prebuilt archive for your platform.
  2. Important: extract the zip. Running the binary directly from the zip will not work.
  3. Run the ppl-utils binary.
    • On Windows: double click ppl-utils.exe. Windows warn you that it's dangerous. If you downloaded the binary from this github page, you'll be fine.
    • On macOS: open a terminal. Drag and drop the ppl-utils binary into it. Press enter.
    • On Linux: execute ppl-utils.
  4. The binary creates a web server that hosts PewPew Live on the port 9000. Point your browser to http://localhost:9000/pewpew.html to launch PewPew Live.
  5. When launched, PewPew Live lists the level found in the content/levels/ directory. Play a level by clicking on it.
  6. Change code in content/levels/ and see how it affects the existing levels.
  7. Open the browser's Javascript console to see the error messages.
  8. Read the wiki.
  9. Ask questions in the Discord chat room.

You can also take a look at the code of levels that have been released.

Building the server

If you don't want (or can't) use one of the prebuilt binaries, you can build the binaries yourself. The only requirement is to have golang 1.14 or newer installed on your system. After obtaining the source code, build with go build.