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  1. Physically based renderer (PBR) and scene graph for PEX.

    JavaScript 195 12

  2. pex-context Public

    Modern WebGL state wrapper for PEX: allocate GPU resources (textures, buffers), setup state pipelines and passes, and combine them into commands.

    JavaScript 135 8

  3. pex-math Public

    Array-based vector, quaternion and matrix math with utils for PEX.

    JavaScript 13 2

  4. pex-gui Public

    GUI controls for PEX.

    JavaScript 14 4

  5. pex-color Public

    Color utilities for PEX.

    JavaScript 7 1

  6. pex-random Public

    Random value generators (float, int, vector and noise) for PEX.

    JavaScript 4


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