@pez2k pez2k released this Sep 24, 2017

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Initial test release - verifies and trims .PSV card images according to the initial v1 file format.

This software has not been extensively tested as I only own two cards, so no warranty is provided. I strongly suggest that it should only be run on duplicate copies of your original images initially until you verify that it has worked correctly.

Currently no progress bar is displayed, so you may have to wait up to several minutes for the process to complete. However, during local testing (with an i7 CPU and mechanical HDD) the tool takes approximately one second per 100 MB of data to be trimmed.

All credit for the .PSV file format goes to Motoharu Gosuto, Yifan Lu, and devnoname120. I am providing this tool for archival use only. No guarantee is provided that any existing or future implementations of other .PSV tools support the use of trimmed images.

Requires .NET Framework 4.6.