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Andrew (Pez) Pengelly


Andrew (Pez) is an accomplished full stack developer with an emphasis on front end systems and user interface design. Passionate about crafting products and services that are empowering for people of all abilities and identities. Believes in a philosophy of research, prototype, feedback, and iteration to create exceptional software. Adept at combining a diversity of team knowledge with personal experience to solve a variety of technical problems. Personable, friendly, and actively involved in the Vancouver area development and design communities. Self motivated — sees learning is a lifelong endeavour.


Software Development / Interaction Design

  • JavaScript – Experienced writing, testing, and debugging JS. Comfortable using transpiled languages (TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc). Prefers functional style of programming, can work with OOP.

  • JS Frameworks – Adaptable to developing for Vue, React, Svelte, Angular, or any other modern front end framework.

  • JS APIs, Libraries, Data – Working with custom APIs from server for consumption by REST or WebSockets. Comfortable using third party integration APIs (Google Maps, Segment, Intercom, etc), able to use 3rd party libraries (D3, Bootstrap, jQuery), and solid understanding of data structures such as JSON or XML.

  • JS Tooling – Experience with Node build tools such as Yarn, Webpack, Vite, Rollup, Snowpack, Grunt, and Gulp in collaboration with NPM package management to develop project pipelines.

  • Git – Actively uses Github for version control when working in a team or self initiated projects.

  • HTML5 - Clean markup, proper document structure. Strive for fully accessible DOM that meets WAI-ARIA and WCAG standards.

  • CSS3 - Creation of advanced design and layout techniques. Experience with several preprocessors (SCSS, LESS, Stylus) and post processors. Preference for 'SMACSS' based styling architecture but adaptable to setup and adhere to any styling structural system.

  • PostgresSQL - Comfortable working with and writing SQL, knowledgeable on structure and best practices for robust data storage.

  • Ruby - Experience with the Rails framework, routing, controllers, and building API endpoint systems. Knowledgeable with ActiveRecord Models but have preference for direct database queries.

  • Design Systems - Collaboration on a cross-discipline team to develop, codify, and implement a company wide design system. Personally responsible for web styling implementation and deployment, component structuring and deployment, and documentation for development and design teams.

  • Interaction Design - Researching, prototyping, and building user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile environments. Preference for producing interactive prototypes early and iterating based on feedback and critique.

  • Responsive Web Design - Practitioner of the 'mobile first' design philosophy. Adept at creating device agnostic experiences. Inordinate understanding of web browser landscape — desktop and mobile.

  • Web Performance - Endeavour for the most performant site or app possible. Web services can be as fast and capable as native applications.

General Computing

  • Comfortable working in CLI or GUI environments.

  • Adobe Photoshop veteran, photo and graphic manipulation and production. Expert level knowledge of tools and processes. Comfortable in a variety of raster editing applications.

  • Skilled in use of OmniGraffle for creating UI prototypes, mind maps, and developing information architecture systems.

  • Capable in Adobe Illustrator or Sketch for vector graphic production and working with type. Adaptable to other vector applications.

  • Experienced with Apple Keynote for creating presentations and interactive UI prototypes.

  • Broad knowledge of typography and graphic design including: styles and trends, font pairings, grid systems, and web type.

Other Skills

  • Advanced understanding of SLR camera operation — film & digital.

  • Experience with chemical film and digital photo processing equipment.

  • British Columbia class 4 unrestricted driver's license. (taxi and vehicles up to 25 passengers)

  • CASI level 1 snowboard instructor.

Work Experience

Zipline Inc

May 2021 – present Senior Front End Engineer

Lead front end developer on projects including time management and clock control, internal messaging and communication systems, personal bookmarking, asynchronous / lazy load content updates, and reporting metrics data through charts and UI. Collaborated with designers, back end developers, and product managers to deliver features on time in a cycle based, feature driven process. Link:

CI Direct Investing/WealthBar

April 2017 – May 2021 Senior Software Developer

Full stack developer working on all manner of front end, middleware, back end, and deployment tasks. Lead developer on several large projects including internal administration software, financial advisor portal, public site updates, and user onboarding services. Collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team to create a design system for cross platform use. Emphasis on mentoring junior team members focusing on code review, skill development, and personal growth. Link:

Kashoo Cloud Accounting

July 2013 – April 2017 UI Developer/Designer

Responsible for front end architecture, interaction design, and user experience for a monolithic Java based accounting web application. Refactored entire styling system in order to white label application for use by third parties. Responsible for a majority of research, prototyping, and construction new interface designs within the company. Helped initiate migration from a monolith application to more modern modular software architecture. Advocate for the user. Link:


May 2012 – July 2013 Front End Developer/Web Designer

Hired as a contractor, was brought onboard full time within 2 weeks. Focused on front end development for rails based systems. Worked with team members to build and iterate site wide interactions, user experiences, and visual designs. Responsible for the construction and maintenance of front end systems. Implemented modular styling using a "SMACSS" system. Link:

LiNE & PiXEL Design

April 2010 – April 2017 Principal, Designer/Developer

Founded LiNE & PiXEL to acquire freelance work and build a reputation for solid web design and development in Whistler. Link:

Whistler Bike Co.

June 2008 – October 2016 Sales associate

Sales of bicycles, equipment and parts. Helped customers with rental decisions and aided in trip planning.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course

April 2007 – October 2011 Senior groundskeeper

Turf and course maintenance for Canada’s premier golf resort. Daily use of groundskeeping equipment and heavy machinery.


Humber College

2000 – 2002 Diploma in Multimedia Design & Production.

Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

1996 – 2000 Graduated with Grade 12 and OAC diplomas

Other Interests

Classic Console Video Games, LEGO, Art and Design, Coffee, Mountain biking, Snowboarding/Skiing








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