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1 I watched the third presidential debate last night. Overall, I would
2 say that not much new ground was covered. However, there was one
3 moment that I thought was quite telling. At one point John McCain
4 suggested that school vouchers are the solution to all our education
5 woes. Barack Obama replied, "I disagree with him on this, because the
6 data doesn't show that it actually solves the problem".
8 And that, my friends, exemplifies why I will be voting for Barack
9 Obama. I think that of the two Obama is much more likely to search
10 out relevant data and let it inform his decisions.
12 The radical right may believe that unregulated markets are the
13 solution to everything, and the hard left may believe that capitalism
14 is the root of most of our ills. Frankly, I don't care what anybody
15 thinks if they have derived it from the first principles of their
16 ideology. If you don't have evidence to support your plans I am
17 pretty damn sure that they are wrong. Most likely, badly wrong.
19 Outcomes are the *only* thing that matter. I want a government that
20 is more interested in implementing policies that will achieve the
21 outcomes we all want -- economic prosperity, physical security,
22 reduced poverty, etc. -- than ones their ideologically imprisoned
23 "base" would approve of.
25 This is where the new Progressive movement could enter the political
26 arena for real. What we need are a new set of politicians who are
27 focused on addressing the issues that actually affect our country.
28 People who want to restart our recently stalled progress. Leaders who
29 will search out the relevant data and use it to construct plans that
30 have real chances of succeeding. Or, at the very least, not our waste
31 time and money on ones completely doomed to failure. We need a new
32 ideology of evidence based governance. And we need it now.
35 On a related note, the [Science Debate 2008][sci-debate-2008] is quite
36 interesting. I highly recommend reading both the candidates'
37 responses.
40 [sci-debate-2008]:
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