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base fork: pezra/rspec-mode
base: master
head fork: anildigital/rspec-mode
compare: master
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Showing with 3 additions and 15 deletions.
  1. +3 −15 rspec-mode.el
18 rspec-mode.el
@@ -203,18 +203,18 @@
(defun rspec-verify ()
"Runs the specified spec, or the spec file for the current buffer."
- (rspec-run-single-file (rspec-spec-file-for (buffer-file-name)) (rspec-core-options ())))
+ (rspec-run-single-file (rspec-spec-file-for (buffer-file-name)) ))
(defun rspec-verify-single ()
"Runs the specified example at the point of the current buffer."
- (rspec-run-single-file (rspec-spec-file-for (buffer-file-name)) (rspec-core-options ()) (concat "--line " (number-to-string (line-number-at-pos)))))
+ (rspec-run-single-file (rspec-spec-file-for (buffer-file-name)) (concat "--line " (number-to-string (line-number-at-pos)))))
(defun rspec-verify-all ()
"Runs the 'spec' rake task for the project of the current file."
(let ((default-directory (or (rspec-project-root) default-directory)))
- (rspec-run (rspec-core-options "--format=progress"))))
+ (rspec-run )))
(defun rspec-toggle-spec-and-target ()
"Switches to the spec for the current buffer if it is a
@@ -302,18 +302,6 @@
"Returns true if the specified file is a spec"
(string-match "\\(_\\|-\\)spec\\.rb$" a-file-name))
-(defun rspec-core-options (&optional default-options)
- "Returns string of options that instructs spec to use spec.opts file if it exists, or sensible defaults otherwise"
- (if (file-readable-p (rspec-spec-opts-file))
- (concat "--options " (rspec-spec-opts-file))
- (if default-options
- default-options
- (concat "--format specdoc " "--reverse"))))
-(defun rspec-spec-opts-file ()
- "Returns filename of spec opts file (usually spec/spec.opts)"
- (concat (rspec-spec-directory (rspec-project-root)) "/spec.opts"))
(defun rspec-runner ()
"Returns command line to run rspec"
(if rspec-use-rake-flag

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