Unified startup code and link scripts for Cortex-M microcontrollers
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cortex-uni-startup is a project to create unified/easily portable startup
code and linker script for any ARM Cortex-M CPUs/MCUs.

Supported out of the box:
* Basic Cortex-M CPU with standard interrupts
* STElectronics STM32
* Energy Micro EFM32
* Texas Instruments Tiva-C TM4 (former Stellaris LM4)
* NXP LPC800
* Nordic Semi NRF51
* Cypress PSoC4

New MCU is very easy to add - just use existing code as the example!

Basic usage example is provided in example/ directory. Note that as this
project deals only with Cortex-M startup, the example does not perform any
I/O operations like LED blinking. If you are interested in I/O and register
mappings for any Cortex-M MCU, please visit sister project

For advanced usage of both cortex-uni-startup and libperipha, see
https://github.com/pfalcon/PeripheralTemplateLibrary .