A Codeception extension to populate and clean-up test Drupal sites using Drush aliases.
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DrushDb is a Codeception extension to populate and cleanup test Drupal sites during test runs using Drush aliases and the sql-sync command.

Build Status

Note this is very much a work-in-progress proof-of-concept and other disclaimery type things.

Minimum requirements

  • Codeception 1.6.4
  • PHP 5.3



  1. cd /path/to/test/suite
  2. mkdir extensions
  3. git clone https://github.com/pfaocle/DrushDb.git extensions/DrushDb
  4. Edit your tests/_bootstrap.php file and add the line:

include __DIR__ . '/../extensions/DrushDb/src/Codeception/Extension/DrushDb.php';

Installation with Codeception source and Composer

Coming soon...?


In your codeception.yml file:

    enabled: [Codeception\Extension\DrushDb]
            source: mysite.uat
            destination: mysite.local
            cleanup: true
            populate: false
            clear_cache: all
            drushrc: true
            verbose: false

Configured entries for source and destination are required if this extension is enabled. These should be working Drush aliases, without a leading @ character, pointing to two Drupal sites:

  • source: the Drupal site from which to grab the database
  • destination: the Drupal site to which the database will be copied. This is usually the site being tested. Warning: currently the destination database is not backed up, simply overwritten.

Some sites will require a cache clear after the database has been overwritten. The clear_cache option should be set to either none (for no cache clears at all) or a valid Drupal cache name as returned by drush cc, eg all, menu or block. The common settings for this are none or all.

Other configuration is optional: if any of cleanup, populate, drushrc or verbose are omitted they are assumed to be false.

  • cleanup - Re-populate the destination database at the end of each test.
  • populate - Populate the destination database when the suite run starts.
  • drushrc - Use the included drushdb.drushrc.php file. Note that this is merged with the configuration from any other drushrc.php file active on the system. Read more about drushrc.php files and their order of precedence.
  • verbose - Be verbose if true.