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Service to generate GitHub managed projects dependencies trees
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GitHub projects dependencies

This is a project organization assistant initially aimed to produce artifacts, such as dependency tree diagrams, which could potentially be included in the issues and PR descriptions of software projects hosed at GitHub.

🐛 ⚠️ At this point, this is a toy project and it is not intended to be bug free, nor safe or even stable.


  • Command line dependency trees generation in png format.
  • Post generated dependency trees as part of issue comments automatically.

Command line dependency trees generation

This feature allows generating issues dependecy directed trees where a node points to another when the former requires the latter to be completed.

For this, the assistant generates a dependency graph ...

  • Given a meta issue where all the project issues are listed, that is: Present as URLs in the meta issue description text. e.g:

  • Having each issue a pointer to the metaissue it belongs to as an URL preceded by the words part of.

  • And Given that it also list the issues it depends on using their URLs preceded by the words blocked by.



The image of the example can be generated after having checked out this project source code by typing:

TOKEN=$(cat ./experiments.token) stack run gh-project-dependencies pfcoperez gh-project-dependencies 1 5

Where ./experiments.token contains the personal security token generated for this application using the GitHub settings:

Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens -> Generate new token.

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