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I was not satisfied with Python syntax highlighting and so I decided to modify python.vim to duplicate the highlighting in Textmate
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Latest commit 4233c60 May 20, 2013 @pfdevilliers Update

Pretty Vim Python 0.1


This is my attempt to make the python syntax highlighting in Vim look like Textmate's.


In the syntax folder is the python.vim which does the syntax highlighting for Python. Just replace yours with mine but remember to backup beforehand.

Next I had to add another color definition to the molokai.vim stylesheet. This is probably not a very good idea because the new color definition will not be available for a different color theme. So in your colors folder add this molokai.vim and remember to select it as your default colorscheme.

The changes made in the files are highlighted with comments and begins with NOTE: @pfdevilliers added this.


The additions are still very much a hack job and must be improved upon. I think there are still two issues to sort out to duplicate the functionality of the Textmate highlighting, but I guess it is usable.

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