Command line application to trade on the Lykkex API
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Lykke exchange command line tool.


Interested in [Lykke]( and loving the command line? This is your project. Interact seamlessly with the [Lykkex API]( via lykkex-cli. Check your balance and send trading orders in one line or automate your trading procedures.


After installation, just type ` lykkex ` and discover how to trade on the Lykkex API.


If you've cloned this project, and want to install the library (and all development dependencies), the command you'll want to run is:

$ pip install -e .[test]

If you'd like to run all tests for this project (assuming you've written some), you would run the following command:

$ python test

This will trigger py.test.


This project is based on the [lykkex Python API wrapper]( It is an offspring of the [Lykke Tradebot Repo]( Thanks to the command line [skeleton repository](, which is also the backbone of this cli.