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* The template for displaying the footer.
* Contains the closing of the id=main div and all content after
* @package SemPress
* @since SemPress 1.0.0
</div><!-- #main -->
<footer id="colophon" role="contentinfo">
<div id="site-generator">
<?php do_action( 'sempress_credits' ); ?>
<?php printf( __( 'This site is powered by %1$s and styled with %2$s by %3$s (with a little help from %4$s and %5$s)', 'sempress' ), '<a href="" rel="generator">WordPress</a>', '<a href="">SemPress</a>', '<a href="" rel="designer">Matthias Pfefferle</a>', '<a href="">Bootstrap</a>', '<a href="">Font Awesome</a>'); ?>
</footer><!-- #colophon -->
</div><!-- #page -->
<?php wp_footer(); ?>
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