some IndieWeb magic for WordPress' "press this" bookmarklet
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IndieWeb press this

As of 1e8acea (2015-08-21), this plugin REQUIRES WordPress 4.3. If you want to use it with a previous WordPress version, use 164e26c instead.

This plugin is based on the idea and code of @snarfed:

One big IndieWeb raison d’être is using your own web site to reply, like, repost, and RSVP to posts and events. You do this by annotating links on your site with simple microformats2 HTML.

Having said that, most people don’t want to write HTML just to like or reply to something. WordPress’s Press This bookmarklets can already start a new post with a link to the page you’re currently viewing. This code adds IndieWeb microformats2 markup to that link. Combined the wordpress-webmention plugin, you can use this to respond to the current page with just two clicks.

What’s more, if you’re currently on a Facebook post or Twitter tweet, this adds the Bridgy Publish link that will reply, like, favorite, retweet, or even RSVP inside those social networks.