Sprockets 1.x v.s. 2.x #1

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doesn't work with Sprockets v 2.0.0:

ERROR: Guard::Sprockets failed to achieve its <run_on_change>, exception was:
NameError: uninitialized constant Sprockets::Secretary
/.../gems/guard-sprockets-0.1.4/lib/guard/sprockets.rb:33:in `sprocketize'
/.../gems/guard-sprockets-0.1.4/lib/guard/sprockets.rb:22:in `run_on_change'

probably a simple fix, see sstephenson/sprockets#187


I'll do a complete rewrite. The code was just thrown together in the first place. It will be available next Tuesday, I don't have any time at the minute because I just had a kid last weekend :)
or by any means, submit a patch.


yeah, he actually has specs too. If his works well, I might just let this one die. No need for two in this space.


Just upgraded with a pull request from @kemazy

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