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fs = require 'fs'
exports.compile = compile = (compilers, content, file, cb) ->
fileExt = file.split('.')
fileExt = fileExt[fileExt.length - 1]
switch fileExt
when 'coffee'
return cb(null,, file))
catch err
console.log file + ':\n ' + err.message + "\n"
return cb(err, err.message)
when 'styl'
compilers.stylus(content, file).render (err, css) ->
if err?
console.log err.message
css = err.message
return cb(err, css)
when 'css'
return cb(null, compilers.css(content))
when 'js'
return cb(null, compilers.js(content))
when 'scss'
compilers.sass(content,file).render (err, result) ->
if err?
console.log err.message
result = err.message
return cb(err, result)
exports.compileFile = (compilers, file, cb) ->
content = fs.readFileSync(file, 'utf-8')
return compile(compilers, content, file, cb)
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