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from functools import wraps
from async_generator import async_generator, yield_
from ssb.packet_stream import PSMessageType
class MuxRPCAPIException(Exception):
class MuxRPCHandler(object):
def check_message(self, msg):
body = msg.body
if isinstance(body, dict) and 'name' in body and body['name'] == 'Error':
raise MuxRPCAPIException(body['message'])
class MuxRPCRequestHandler(MuxRPCHandler):
def __init__(self, ps_handler):
self.ps_handler = ps_handler
def __await__(self):
msg = (yield from self.ps_handler.__await__())
return msg
class MuxRPCSourceHandler(MuxRPCHandler):
def __init__(self, ps_handler):
self.ps_handler = ps_handler
async def __aiter__(self):
async for msg in self.ps_handler:
await yield_(msg)
except MuxRPCAPIException:
class MuxRPCSinkHandlerMixin(object):
def send(self, msg, msg_type=PSMessageType.JSON, end=False):
self.connection.send(msg, stream=True, msg_type=msg_type, req=self.req, end_err=end)
class MuxRPCDuplexHandler(MuxRPCSinkHandlerMixin, MuxRPCSourceHandler):
def __init__(self, ps_handler, connection, req):
super(MuxRPCDuplexHandler, self).__init__(ps_handler)
self.connection = connection
self.req = req
class MuxRPCSinkHandler(MuxRPCHandler, MuxRPCSinkHandlerMixin):
def __init__(self, connection, req):
self.connection = connection
self.req = req
def _get_appropriate_api_handler(type_, connection, ps_handler, req):
if type_ in {'sync', 'async'}:
return MuxRPCRequestHandler(ps_handler)
elif type_ == 'source':
return MuxRPCSourceHandler(ps_handler)
elif type_ == 'sink':
return MuxRPCSinkHandler(connection, req)
elif type_ == 'duplex':
return MuxRPCDuplexHandler(ps_handler, connection, req)
class MuxRPCRequest(object):
def from_message(cls, message):
body = message.body
return cls('.'.join(body['name']), body['args'])
def __init__(self, name, args): = name
self.args = args
def __repr__(self):
return '<MuxRPCRequest {} {0.args}>'.format(self)
class MuxRPCMessage(object):
def from_message(cls, message):
return cls(message.body)
def __init__(self, body):
self.body = body
def __repr__(self):
return '<MuxRPCMessage {0.body}}>'.format(self)
class MuxRPCAPI(object):
def __init__(self):
self.handlers = {}
self.connection = None
async def __await__(self):
async for req_message in self.connection:
body = req_message.body
if req_message is None:
if isinstance(body, dict) and body.get('name'):
self.process(self.connection, MuxRPCRequest.from_message(req_message))
def add_connection(self, connection):
self.connection = connection
def define(self, name):
def _handle(f):
self.handlers[name] = f
def _f(*args, **kwargs):
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return f
return _handle
def process(self, connection, request):
handler = self.handlers.get(
if not handler:
raise MuxRPCAPIException('Method {} not found!'.format(
handler(connection, request)
def call(self, name, args, type_='sync'):
if not self.connection.is_connected:
raise Exception('not connected')
old_counter = self.connection.req_counter
ps_handler = self.connection.send({
'name': name.split('.'),
'args': args,
'type': type_
}, stream=type_ in {'sink', 'source', 'duplex'})
return _get_appropriate_api_handler(type_, self.connection, ps_handler, old_counter)
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