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reddit styling adjustments to make it look better and act more like new.reddit (but without collapsing a comment causing the entire page to react rerender)

  • works with res
  • make sure to disable custom subreddit styles
  • single page app (clicking links to comments will keep you on the same page and you can go back and forwards in history)
  • press escape to leave a comment page
  • uses popstate when you exit a post (unlike new.reddit which just pushes a new history state)
  • turns link buttons into link buttons without the context menu options (removes the href so options like "open in new tab" are no longer there)
  • uses css grid
  • collapse button is available on the entire height of the comment (like new.reddit), scrolls properly when you are halfway through a comment when collapsing (like top level comments on new.reddit but everywhere), and does not have the vote buttons covering the top of it


  • many links that should be normal actually pushstate (user profile pages and subreddit sorting options)
  • adds a horizontal scrollbar to the page with blank content


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