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Yaki - A fast, powerful filesystem-based wiki

Latest update:


This is the second public release of Yaki (the first was in Google Code, and is long obsolete).

Yaki is a filesystem-based wiki that is used as the underpinnings of The Tao of Mac (and a few other sites that started using the initial release).


  • 100% pure Python, with extensive UTF-8 support
  • Entirely self-hosting, running atop a modified Snakelets application framework
  • Completely filesystem-based (pages are stored on a directory structure, not a database)
  • Heavily optimized HTTP processing:
    • Pages are pre-processed to HTML
    • HTML and other internal info are stored in a single-file cache, a la Haystack
    • Everything is served via sendfile(2) calls whenever possible
    • Uses every HTTP caching trick in the book to minimize actual page hits
  • Completely markup-agnostic - all the internal processing relies on Beautiful Soup, and it ships with support for:
    • raw HTML
    • Textile
    • Markdown
  • Any markup engine that generates HTML can be added, and markup can be defined on a site-wide or page-per-page basis
  • Has all the usual features, like:
    • Page aliasing
    • Interwiki
    • RecentChanges
    • etc.
  • Has a number of unusual Bliki features, like a blog-like home page, linkblog support, and the SeeAlso table at the bottom of each page.
  • Supports full-text indexing and search using Whoosh


  • Full conversion of legacy Snakelet docs
  • Support for multiple Wiki instances in the same installation (currently partly working)
  • Annotator support (currently being worked on in the annotator branch, feel free to join in)


  • Python 2.6 (2.7 will work just as well, and 2.5 may work with minimal tweaks)
  • That's it.


Yaki is released under the MIT License. Some third-party libraries in the userlibs folder are licensed differently and are included merely to ease deployment.

The Twitter Bootstrap HTML+CSS which is now used as the default theme is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.


The Snakelets application server was originally developed by Irmen de Jong, and as far as I know this is the only publicly maintained version of it.