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Bigger Picture

During @mikemaccana's talk on Chrome Extensions at NotConf this morning, I was motivated to build my own extension. As Mike says, "sometimes web pages annoy you" and this is true of two of my favorite photo web sites: The Big Picture & In Focus. While both sites offer incredible photography, sometimes they show images that are too big for my screen (leaving me to scroll down to read the caption).

I hate that.

I build a Chrome extension today that makes things better (for me). It automatically scales the image to fit in whatever the current viewport is. Though it doesn't do anything fancy yet, it's working in a way that has already made me smile. Thanks, @mikemaccana

What it does now

  • Renders automatically on any Big Picture photo gallery
  • Makes the image scale down to fit on a smaller screen (like my Macbook Air)
  • Use arrows to navigate between images

How to install

  • Pull the source from GitHub
  • Open up Chrome Preferences and Navigate to Extensions
  • Make sure developer mode is enabled and choose "Load unpacked extensions" and select the container folder.
  • Visit a Big Picture Gallery in a new tab Like this one
  • Enjoy

Future Features (maybe even later today)

  • Bring captions in
  • Work with In Focus site
  • Attempt to make the make it work with any photo gallery (by seeking out long lists of images)
  • Fancier transitions (CSS3 Animations)

About me

  • Patrick filler @pfiller