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+date: 2013-03-31 11:09:00
+title: Sundays are for Starters - Network like a Pro
+Last Sunday we went to work – [we got ourselves out there and networked]( Now it's time to talk about the finer art of it. As just getting out there is not enough…
+The most important action you can take to improve your professional relationships is to **simply follow up**. When you meet someone for the first time and she gives you her contact details **you follow up**. Send a short email, tell her how much you enjoyed the conversation and ask to stay in touch.
+Sounds obvious? Not so much – the amount of people I meet who never follow up is staggering. And trust me: Chances are high that I will help you in the future if you left an impression on me; if you were one of the few people who actually took the three minutes to write a short follow-up email and built a relationship from there.
+**Make this your rule: Without any exception – always follow up.**
+If someone left a deep impression on you, say she spent the evening talking with you about the finer details of bridge financing, go the extra mile: Send her a handwritten note. I bet you money that she won't forget you and your relationship is off to an amazing start.
+And just to bust the number one argument I hear why people don't follow up: You don't need to have something meaningful to say, you don't need to offer something special – just be the nice person you are, show that you care and send that email.
+Happy networking!
+P.S. And when it comes to connecting on LinkedIn make sure you read my previous post on "[Never ever do this](".

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