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<p>Today The Heretic is still, at its core, a newsletter. We are a community of hundreds of crazy people. And you should <span class="highlight"><a href="/#subscribe">join</a></span>.</p>
<p>I will do my very best to feed your mind. And I am not alone – along the way I picked up a bunch of dissenters who share their perspectives and deep insights into particular areas of the entrepreneurs' world.</p>
<p>You can learn more about me and my background on my <a href="">personal homepage</a> and <a href="">LinkedIn</a>. I co-created the <a href="">GyShiDo movement</a>, which you should sign up to. And don't be a stranger - leave comments, send me emails & tweets and connect with me.</p>
- <p><strong>Never walk, always run.</strong></p>
+ <h5>
+ On the field of the self<br>
+ stand a knight and a dragon.<br>
+ <br>
+ You are the knight.<br>
+ Resistance is the dragon.<br>
+ </h5>
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