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TerminationShock is a multiplayer game made for Spielmarmelade 2015 ( The theme was "Fallen" (mind the german translations - "traps" or "to fall")

Heavily inspired by Event Horizon (as is the name) one player plays the AI of an abandoned spaceship floating in space, that went rogue and killed it's crew. The other player plays an astronaut that was sent on a rescue mission, trying to find his way through the abandoned ship. The AI though tries to foil his plans and impede his advancements by constructing elaborate networks of sensors and traps.

Also the game was a very ambitious project, so the jam version is very incomplete. We will probably continue working on it for a while, but the jam version is available here:

Jam version

Important Notes

Please note that the map generator may generate levels which are very difficult (bordering impossible) to beat playing the astronaut. For now the workaround is for the spaceship player to have a quick glance and see if the levels might require jumps that are too hard to make.

Binaries / Archives

This game is made using löve (, so it should run on any supported platform (please see the website for installation instructions). Archived jam versions can be found here:



A and D to move, space to jump


Select an ability (click on the icon) and place it in the map. Sensors and traps can (and should) be connected, so the sensors activates the trap by dragging a line (left click) from a sensor to the trap. In the jam version existing connections are not rendered yet. The direction of sensors and traps is determined by where exactly inside the level tile you click. See this image to see how points inside the rectangle are mapped to edges and therefore directions: Directions in tile



GitHub (in case you read this readme on your local computer)

Video (Astronaut)

Video (Spaceship)

Screenshot of astronaut player Screenshot of spaceship player


TerminationShock - a game made for Spielmarmelade 2015






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