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Change version and fix doc

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commit 51c118bad5c7d4ceb5ac9d846d5475d68249f98a 1 parent 0dc4c5e
pfischermx authored
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  1. +3 −3 lib/App/Foca/
6 lib/App/Foca/
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ Now the question is.. is Foca secure? Well it depends on you. Depends if you
run it as non-root user and the commands you define. Foca will try to do
things to protect, for example it will reject all requests that have pipes (|),
I/O redirection (>, <, <<, >>), additionally the HTTP request will be validated
-before it gets executed via the call of C<validate_request()> (L<App::Foca>
+before it gets executed via the call of C<validate_request()> (L<App::Foca::Server>
returns true all the time so if you want to add extra functionality please
create a subclass and re-define the method).
@@ -104,11 +104,11 @@ use App::Foca::Tools::Logger;
=head1 VERSION
-Version 0.01
+Version 0.02
-our $VERSION = '0.01';
+our $VERSION = '0.02';
# Some constants
use constant {
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