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DocSeeker.jl provides utilities for handling documentation in local (so far) packages.


The main entry point is searchdocs:


will return a vector of tuples of scores and their corresponding match. Scores are numbers between 0 and 1, and represent the quality of a given match. Matches are DocObj, which accumulate lots of metadata about a binding (e.g. name, type, location etc.).

searchdocs takes three keyword arguments:

  • mod::String = "Main" will restrict the search to the given module -- by default every loaded package will be searched.
  • loaded::Bool = true will search only packages in the current session, while loaded = false will search in all locally installed packages (actually only those in Pkg.dir()). Requires a call to DocSeeker.createdocsdb() beforehand.
  • exportedonly::Bool = false will search all names a module has, while exportedonly=true only takes exported names into consideration.

Re-generation of the cache that powers the search in all installed packages can be triggered via DocSeeker.createdocsdb() (async, so no worries about killing you julia session). For now, there is no automatic re-generation, though that'll be implemented soon.