Mod a Debian install into one that I like
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Mod a bare-bones (e.g. debootstrap) Debian install into one that I like.


sudo su -
apt-get install -y git make
cd /opt/
mkdir chj
cd chj
git clone
cd chjize/

You can verify via signed git tags that you've got the pristine source (note that most rules import the key to gpg, too, and as the key is included in the repository, this means that if you got a trusted checkout of this repository then this verification step can be skipped; it will properly check signatures of other repositories it fetches in any case):

gpg --import cj-key.asc
version=v`git tag -l | grep ^v | sed s/^v// | LANG=C sort -rn | head -1`
git checkout "$version"
git tag -v "$version"
# Check that the above command says "Good signature", and shows
#   my fingerprint (A54A1D7CA1F94C866AC81A1F0FA5B21104EDB072, feel 
#   free to google it) if you don't have a trust path to the key.
# You can also do the more paranoid verification of running the
#   script lines shown by the above command (those lines starting 
#   with a "$"), and verifying that you get the same output as shown.

Once you trust that the source is mine, run:

make help

for the list of available targets. To e.g. only install my software into /opt/chj (and dependences, which is debianpackages in this case, see Makefile for details), run:

make chj

Incomplete listing of the targets

This may have run out of date. See make help for a list that's always up to date.

  • debianpackages: install my preferred Debian packages
  • git-sign: check out git-sign; used by most other targets.
  • chj: check out the last tagged versions of various repositories into /opt/chj (uses signed tags via git-sign to ensure you get what I signed)
  • load_profile: sets up Debian so that a graphical login will read the ~/.profile file (which they stopped doing at some point, dunno why); currently only implemented for Xfce.
  • moduser: modify the /root, /etc/skel, and if present /home/chris directories to use a checkout of chj-home; it should safely store previous versions of your files in the Git repository that's at this place before checking out my versions, see them via gitk --all. This also sets up emacs to work nicely with Gambit, see below. Note: if there is a .git directory in those directories before, it will ask whether to continue by first moving those to /root/.trash/.
    • If you want to modify a particular user's home without affecting the other users, instead run /opt/chj/chjize/bin/mod-user as that user (in its home dir)
  • fperl: install the Functional Perl library and its dependencies. WARNING: not fully secured by signatures as it downloads packages from CPAN whithout verifying signatures (which most packages don't even have). Note: requires you to enter yes a couple times.
  • gambit: install a patched version of the Gambit Scheme system
  • qemu: install Qemu, and cj-qemucontrol.
  • desktop_autoremove: make my preferred changes to Debian's Xfce4 and default display manager setup (automatically removes superfluous packages via apt autoremove, to prevent that you could use the desktop target instead.) NOTE: xfce4 has to be started via startx from the console after this!