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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# Copyright (c) 2015 Christian Jaeger,
# This is free software. See the file that came bundled
# with this file.
use strict; use warnings; use warnings FATAL => 'uninitialized';
# find modules from functional-perl working directory (not installed)
use Cwd 'abs_path';
our ($mydir, $myname); BEGIN {
my $location= (-l $0) ? abs_path ($0) : $0;
$location=~ /(.*?)([^\/]+?)_?\z/s or die "?";
($mydir, $myname)=($1,$2);
use lib "$mydir/../lib";
sub usage {
print "usage: $myname csvfile xmlfile
Variant of csv_to_xml with shorter code. Only supports one csvfile.
exit (@_ ? 1 : 0);
use Getopt::Long;
our $verbose=0;
GetOptions("verbose"=> \$verbose,
"help"=> sub{usage},
) or exit 1;
usage unless @ARGV==2;
our ($inpath, $outpath)=@ARGV;
use FP::Text::CSV qw(csv_file_to_rows);
use PXML::Serialize;
# create tag functions for the following XML tag names. Casing is
# preserved for the output, but the tag functions are all-uppercase
# (to try to avoid name conflicts and for better visibility) and
# replace the minus with the underscore.
use PXML::Tags qw(myexample protocol-version records record a b c d);
# create a data structure describing an XML document, partially lazily
(# read lazy list of rows from CSV file
csv_file_to_rows($inpath, {eol=> "\n", sep_char=> ";"})
# skip the header row
# map rows to XML elements
->map(sub {
my ($a,$b,$c,$d)= @{$_[0]};
RECORD A($a), B($b), C($c), D($d)
# print data structure to disk, forcing its evaluation as needed
# XXX this may not actually use constant memory on your Perl. Work
# still needs to be done.