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# Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Christian Jaeger,
# This is free software, offered under either the same terms as perl 5
# or the terms of the Artistic License version 2 or the terms of the
# MIT License (Expat version). See the file that came
# bundled with this file.
=head1 NAME
Adding/changing links, currently:
- check whether <code> parts contain things that are either module
names in our repository or on CPAN, if so link them.
- also, map <code> contents with map_code_body if applicable
- instead of linking non-markdown files locally, make them go to the
Github repo
=head1 SEE ALSO
This is a L<Htmlgen::PXMLMapper>
package Htmlgen::Linking;
use strict; use warnings; use warnings FATAL => 'uninitialized';
use Function::Parameters qw(:strict);
use Sub::Call::Tail;
package Htmlgen::Linking::Anchors;
# add anchors
use PXML::XHTML ":all";
use FP::Struct []=> "Htmlgen::PXMLMapper";
method match_element_names () { [qw(h1 h2 h3 h4)] }
method map_element ($e, $uplist) {
my $text= $e->text;
$text=~ s/ /_/sg;
A({name=> $text}, $e)
package Htmlgen::Linking::code;
use FP::List;
use FP::Predicates;
use Htmlgen::PathUtil qw(path_diff);
use PXML::XHTML ":all";
use Chj::CPAN::ModulePODUrl 'perhaps_module_pod_url';
our $podurl_cache= ".ModulePODUrl-cache"; mkdir $podurl_cache;
use FP::Memoizing 'memoizing_to_dir';
memoizing_to_dir $podurl_cache, \&perhaps_module_pod_url;
fun maybe_module_pod_url ($v) {
my $res;
eval {
$res= xmaybe_module_pod_url ($v);
} || do {
my $e= $@;
my $firstline= "$e"; $firstline=~ s/\n.*//s;
$firstline =~ m/Can't connect/i ? do {
warn "could not look up module '$v': $firstline";
return undef;
: die $e
# things that *do* exist as modules on CPAN but which we do not want
# to link since those are a different thing. ("CPAN-exception")
our $ignore_module_name=
+{map {$_=>1}
qw(map tail grep fold car cdr first rest head join primes test
all list Square Point),
# these are not currently finding anything on CPAN, but let's
# add them for future safety:
qw(force length shift F strictlist cons inverse)
# XX most of those would simply go to local scripts and functions if
# these were checked for.
$$ignore_module_name{"X"x3}=1; # avoid tripping search for to-do tags
fun ignore_module_name ($name) {
use FP::Struct []=> "Htmlgen::PXMLMapper";
method match_element_names () { [ "code" ] }
method map_element ($e, $uplist) {
# possibly *map contents* of inline code or code sections
my $mapped_e= fun () {
if (defined (my $f= $self->map_code_body)) {
# rely on code never containing markup, at least *as long
# as there's no other mapper that introduced any*. XX how
# to make sure? (add a xtext method that dies when
# encountering non-sequence non-string parts?)
$e->body_set(&$f ($e->text, $uplist, $self->path0))
} else {
# possibly *wrap* inline code or code sections: add links to
# '`Foo::Bar`' if found locally or on CPAN. XX perl specific, make
# addon.
if (is_pair $uplist and $uplist->first->lcname eq "a"
and $uplist->first->maybe_attribute ("href")) {
# already linked
} else {
my $t= $e->text;
if (is_class_name ($t)) {
my $module_subpath= $t;
$module_subpath=~ s/::/\//sg;
my $maybe_path=
# XX this should be moved to configuration of course.
my $wrap_with_link= sub {
my ($url)=@_;
A {href=> $url}, $e
if (defined $maybe_path) {
&$wrap_with_link (path_diff $self->path0, $maybe_path)
} elsif (ignore_module_name $t) {
} elsif (my $url= maybe_module_pod_url ($t)) {
&$wrap_with_link ($url)
} else {
} else {
package Htmlgen::Linking::a_href;
use Htmlgen::UriUtil qw(URI_is_internal);
use Chj::xperlfunc qw(dirname);
use Htmlgen::PathUtil qw(path_add path_diff);
use FP::Show;
use FP::Struct []=> "Htmlgen::PXMLMapper";
method match_element_names () { ["a"] }
# XX dito config, well all of the map_a_href (also, NOTE the 'XX'
# comment below about /tree/master instead; well, perhaps
# configure github repository base url and encode knowhow in the
# code)
our $github_base= "";
method map_element ($e, $uplist) {
if (my ($href)= $e->perhaps_attribute("href")) {
my $uri= URI->new($href);
if (URI_is_internal($uri)) {
# * fix internal .md links
my $selfpath0= $self->path0;
my ($path,$uri,$is_md)= do { # XX $uri can be unmodified there, right?
my $path= $uri->path;
# '//' feature (see 'Formatting' section in htmlgen/
if ($href =~ m|^//|s) {
my ($op)= $uri->opaque() =~ m|^//([^/].*)$|s
or die "bug";
$uri->opaque(""); # mutation
# Have a lookup hierarchy for the given path,
# since the same filename can exist multiple
# times. XX: `perhaps_filename_to_path0`
# should still be improved to never silently
# give wrong results!
my $path0_in_samedir= path_add dirname($selfpath0), $op;
my $path0_docs= path_add "docs", $op;
if (my $p0=
# check as full path from root
($op eq $selfpath0 ? undef
: $self->maybe_have_path0->($op)) //
# check in local dir
($path0_in_samedir eq $selfpath0 ? undef
: $self->maybe_have_path0->($path0_in_samedir)) //
# check in docs
($path0_docs eq $selfpath0 ? undef
: $self->maybe_have_path0->($path0_docs)) //
# check as filename anywhere (XX check
# against $selfpath0 here, too, or rather,
# use this to disambiguate?)
) {
(path_diff ($selfpath0,$p0), $uri, 1)
} else {
warn "unknown link target '$op' (from '$href')";
(path_diff ($selfpath0, "UNKNOWN/$op"), $uri, 1)
elsif (length $path) {
my $p0= path_add(dirname ($selfpath0), $path);
$p0=~ s|^\./||;#hack. grr y
unless ($self->maybe_have_path0->($p0)) {
warn "link target does not exist: ".show($p0).
"('$path' from '$selfpath0', link '$href')";
#use Chj::repl;repl;
($path, $uri, $self->pathtranslate->is_md($path))
else {
($path, $uri, $self->pathtranslate->is_md($path))
my $cont_uri= fun ($uri) {
$e->attribute_set("href", "$uri")
my $cont_path= fun ($path) {
$uri->path($self->pathtranslate->possibly_suffix_md_to_html ($path));
if (length $path) {
# * change links to files to go to Github
if ($is_md) {
} else {
if (length (my $p= $uri->path)) {
$uri->path(path_add (dirname($self->path0), $p));
# XX should use "/tree/master" instead of
# "/blob/master" Github url for
# directories, but Github redirects anyway
# so?
# yes, the `path` method is a mutator, `abs` is not!
} else {
} else {
} else {