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# Copyright (c) 2015 Christian Jaeger,
# This is free software, offered under either the same terms as perl 5
# or the terms of the Artistic License version 2 or the terms of the
# MIT License (Expat version). See the file that came
# bundled with this file.
=head1 NAME
FP::DBI - DBI with results as lazy lists
use FP::DBI;
$dbh = FP::DBI->connect($data_source, $username, $auth, \%attr);
# same as `DBI`:
$sth = $dbh->prepare($statement);
$rv = $sth->execute;
# then:
my $s= $sth->row_stream; # purearrays blessed to FP::DBI::Row
# or
#my $s= $sth->array_stream; # arrays
# or
#my $s= $sth->hash_stream; # hashes
(TH($s->first->map (*TD)),
$s->rest->take (10)->map (sub {TR($_[0]->map (*TD))}))
Get rows as items in a lazy linked list (functional stream).
NOTE: `DBI` is designed so that when running another `execute` on the
same statement handle, fetching returns rows for the new execute; this
means, a new execute makes it impossible to retrieve further results
from the previous one. Thus if a result stream isn't fully used before
a new `execute` or a different result request is being made, then the
original stream can't be further evaluated anymore; to prevent this
from happening, an interlock mechanism is built in that throws an
error in this case.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<DBI>, L<FP::Stream>
package FP::DBI;
use strict; use warnings; use warnings FATAL => 'uninitialized';
use DBI;
use Chj::TEST;
use Chj::NamespaceCleanAbove;
package FP::DBI::db;
our @ISA= 'DBI::db';
sub prepare {
my $s=shift;
my $st= $s->SUPER::prepare(@_);
bless $st, "FP::DBI::st"
package FP::DBI::Row;
use base 'FP::PureArray';
package FP::DBI::st;
our @ISA= 'DBI::st';
use FP::Lazy;
use FP::Weak;
use FP::List;
sub make_X_stream {
my ($method, $maybe_mapfn)=@_;
sub {
my $s=shift;
my $id= ++$$s{private_fp__dbi__id};
my $lp; $lp= sub {
my $lp=$lp; #keep strong reference
lazy {
$$s{private_fp__dbi__id} == $id
or die ("stream was interrupted by another execute".
" or stream request");
if (my $v= $s->$method) {
cons ($maybe_mapfn ? &$maybe_mapfn($v) : $v, &$lp);
} else {
Weakened ($lp)->()
use Chj::NamespaceCleanAbove;
sub execute {
my $s=shift;
$s->SUPER::execute (@_)
*row_stream= make_X_stream ("fetchrow_arrayref",
sub {
bless ([ @{$_[0]} ], "FP::DBI::Row")
*array_stream= make_X_stream ("fetchrow_arrayref");
*hash_stream= make_X_stream ("fetchrow_hashref");
use base 'DBI';
sub connect {
my $cl=shift;
my $v= $cl->SUPER::connect (@_);
bless $v, "FP::DBI::db"
_END_ # namespace cleaning