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If you're like me and run an IRC client on a machine (server) that's
always online, but don't look at it (and/or its X notifications don't
reach you since for example it's separated from your desktop through
VNC), but would still like to be notified if someone "pings" you, then
this might be for you. It will parse Xchat's log messages, queue up
what's said to you, then when you don't say anything on any channel
within a configurable time (like 5 minutes), send the queued up
messages to you by email (one email per channel).


 # mkdir -p /opt/chj
 # cd /opt/chj
 # git clone bin
 # git clone perllib
 # git clone 

Add /opt/chj/bin to your PATH.


Copy and edit the included (put it at ~/
if you want to use the included run script unmodified; see irc2mail
--help for more info).


 * start Xchat
 * enable logging in Xchat
 * start irc2mail:

   $ path/to/irc2mail path/to/

   or, (which is using daemonize from /opt/chj/bin)

   $ path/to/irc2mail/run start