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update intended by controversial debate in social media:

Destruction of beds for intensiv-care in germany?

we have a look to the covid19 data in puplic-sector in state of thuringia i relation to the states law of transparency from Jan/2020. Some details om

Focus of observation are data about the essential ressources in hospitals, primary "beds" and otherside ventilators here so called "HighCare" items, also beds for one men.

overview as plot (ECMO vs. noECMO as beds in DE) thx to mdr-wissen

"Rechtsgrundlagen": (Legal basis)

Versorgungskonzept i.V.m.

Krankenhausplan und i.V.m.

III. Th.VO Corona

DIVI IntensivRegister-Verordnung

Transparenzgesetz Thüringen;jsessionid=2FDE7C542541C600B694AC5E8F0833FE.jp29?quelle=jlink&query=TranspG+TH&psml=bsthueprod.psml&max=true&aiz=true#jlr-TranspGTHpP7

A more intrinsic view on the divi data givs some maps e.g.:

Our intention is mostly practice with data an find a one klick way to see the often as highlevel Indicator described number of ECMA divisions (ventilators) in the hospitals. This are round about 190 total. And differs in availability between 163 in summer 2020 and 93 in mart 11 2021.

history, some basics (in german) : --- work in progress ---

related (may be ..) links

Erfassung und Visualisierung der Corona-Fallzahlen für Thüringen. by @micb25 ; thx :) !

Statistics about SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in Thüringen by @lekkacat ; thx :) !


Jena -apache

documents related to Hackspace Jena by @HackspaceJena :) thx!

scripts FSU by @qbi :) thx!

Ilmenau ... blue sky, nice town ;)

Das Scheitern – Neues Bauhaus Museum Weimar may be need it sometimes

openWRT Bash script #Freifunk #Erfurt by @suicider :) thx!

2D Welt vom Elisabeth-Gymnasium Eisenach by @wak-lab-e-v :) thx!

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