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I'd like to propose multiple account support in Yaxim. That way it could be used to replace/consolidate other IM usage.


Absolutely a needed feature! Would make a big difference since no other FOSS xmpp client has multi account support now.

Mebus commented Aug 13, 2012

+1 !!!


I agree. Would be very useful.


Xabber has support for multiple accounts. I like Yaxim supporting just one account, because that keeps its setup and UI simple.

ge0rg commented Feb 28, 2014

The conflict between "simple" and "multi-account" can probably be solved, the reason for yaxim not having multiple accounts is that the backend code is not designed with them in mind. I am slowly changing that design, so one day we will have technical multi-account support. After that, I will take care of the UX integration.


@ge0rg Won't it increase the size of the executable and complicate the UI? You'll need to display which account each contact belongs in, allow selection of the account when adding a contact, support contact merging (i.e. one contact on multiple accounts) and all these things. And this not only adds weight to the UI, but very likely also to the size. Which already increased by about 100% just recently. I'm using a Samsung Gio – every MiB counts.

ge0rg commented Mar 5, 2014

yaxim has gained size significantly since I took it over in 2010, and I see no way to make it small again. Your options are to upgrade your phone or to keep using an old version of yaxim.

There is an inofficial CyanogenMod ports for the Gio which should allow nifty hacks like app2sd, reducing your pressure.

P.S: I'm living my day-to-day life with a HTC Desire Z from 2010, as of yesterday on a highly experimental Android KitKat build. Just because a phone is old does not mean it can not run decent software ;-)

@ge0rg ge0rg referenced this issue Nov 13, 2014

Multiple accounts #170

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