feature request: support user avatars #25

one-dash opened this Issue Feb 1, 2011 · 7 comments


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one-dash commented Feb 1, 2011

It would be nice if users in your contact list had avatars

ge0rg commented Feb 5, 2011

We have thought about that in the past, however it has not been implemented due to the additional traffic incurred. This feature is on our very-long-term TODO.

one-dash commented Mar 4, 2011

Additional traffic problem could be addressed through optional avatars.


I wouldn't mind having them cashed on the device. Usually they don't change that often. :-)

ge0rg commented Feb 20, 2013

avatar suppor has been implemented by Jan (not sure where his branch containing that code is), but needs some more work before being pulled into master branch... I'll ping Jan about it and see if he is willing to improve :)

bjo81 commented Feb 13, 2014

What's the status of it?

ge0rg commented Feb 23, 2014

It is 75% done, as of a year ago. Needs some DB rework and could be merged then.


Will XEP-0054 (XMPP vCard) be supported in the future? if it is supported, avatars will work too.
XMPP Client can add an option to set whether download avator automatically or not.
Also add an item to contact's long-click menu, call it "Info Query" for example, if user click it, client will download user's vCard, including avatar.

There will be no additional traffic unless user initiate the query.

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