yaxim crashes on custom port without custom server #97

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ge0rg commented Aug 28, 2013

if either the custom host or the custom port is set, SRV is disabled and manual connection is performed to the given host-port pair.

However, if no hostname is supplied, yaxim crashes:

stacktrace: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: FQDN is null
    at org.jivesoftware.smack.util.dns.HostAddress.<init>(HostAddress.java:31)
    at org.jivesoftware.smack.util.DNSUtil.resolveXMPPDomain(DNSUtil.java:85)
    at org.jivesoftware.smack.ConnectionConfiguration.<init>(ConnectionConfiguration.java:107)
    at org.yaxim.androidclient.service.SmackableImp.initXMPPConnection(SmackableImp.java:160)
    at org.yaxim.androidclient.service.SmackableImp.doConnect(SmackableImp.java:187)
    at org.yaxim.androidclient.service.XMPPService$3.run(XMPPService.java:329)
ge0rg commented Aug 28, 2013

Update: the issue seems to appear as well when the SRV lookup fails, and the hostname returned from it is null.

Also, punycode domains are broken.

@ge0rg ge0rg closed this in 59fbd19 Feb 17, 2014
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