Feature request: XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management) #98

jfrederickson opened this Issue Sep 29, 2013 · 6 comments


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So I know this was mentioned previously in a comment, but I figured I'd give it its own issue here. Carbons are great to have (yaxim is one of the few clients that support it) but clients will still miss messages sent while you are offline. Together with XEP-0059 this could be used for a sort of "infinite scrollback" similar to what Facebook, Hangouts, and the like have. (For a mobile client you probably do want this, else I believe you'd have to request all history from the server.)

ge0rg commented Oct 11, 2013

Yeah, MAM is on my agenda for after properly fixing XEP-0198, which I still consider priority # 1.


I'm glad to hear that, and I think you're right to prioritize 0198 after seeing how helpful it is on a desktop client. I don't know of any client, mobile or otherwise, that implements all 3 XEPs, so this would be a first. :)


I support this request.

bjo81 commented Feb 19, 2014

Gajim had a patch for 0313 today, so there's AFAIK the first desktop-client which supports 0313 now :)


voting for this one too! really needed.
is there any working alternative for android devices with MAM and Carbons support ?

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