Possible new features

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Developer meeting at 26C3

The developers met at 26C3 and specified the goal to release Yaxim to the market in March-April 2010. Before this release, the following features shall be implemented:

  1. Integrate asmack
  2. Database backend for all communication between Service and Activities (partly implemented)
  3. Functionality to automatically generate and send crash reports (needs user permission)
  4. Support for Roster authorization requests/responses (partly implemented)
  5. Proper signalling of error/status between Activity and backend (implemented in 0.7.4)

List of feature wishes

The following wishlist can be implemented before or after the release.


  • Display own presence
  • Display conversation status (new messages, ongoing conversation)
  • Display contact resource in smaller font
  • Support for user images (with caching and the option to disable via 3G)
  • Support some kind of auto-away (e.g. using phones vertical orientation)


  • Use slide left/right to cycle active chats
  • Convenient management of multiple chats (e.g. with a gallery view)
  • The possibility to inform the chat partner about the current location (e.g. a google maps link or XEP-0080)
  • Support of URL shortening services
  • Add a menu to chat window
  • Support for MUC
  • Display presence of chat partner inside chat
  • Add the possibility to copy or delete single chat messages inside the chat view


  • Integrate asmack (done)
  • Storage backend with SQLite (done for chat, TBD for roster)
    • allow to use more than one account
    • Reduce overhead with big rosters (see also #5)
  • Autostart on boot (configurable) done!
  • implement OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener in XMPPService and MainWindow implemented as part of YaximConfiguration
  • Security Improvements
    • SSL server cert verification + storage of cert on first connect
    • Use of android password manager for account data
  • implement a CONNECTIVITY_ACTION listener to react on 3G/WiFi changes
  • implement the android 2.0 way of marking the service as foreground, see also this blog post for details
  • add a view to see the raw xml


Translation sub-project at launchpad