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Setting up Eclipse

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Yaxim uses git submodules to reference libraries. Eclipse / ADT only support Android libraries if they are projects in your workspace. If you want to develop yaxim using Eclipse do the following:

1. Get yaxim and its' submodules source code

Open a shell and initialize the git submodules (inside your yaxim project directory):

~/ $ git clone
~/ $ cd yaxim
~/yaxim $ git submodule init && git submodule update

The last step should add MemorizingTrustManager and ActionBarSherlock

2. Add the yaxim projects in Eclipse

Open Eclipse, then do the following:

  • File → New → Other → Android Project from existing source
  • In the field location choose the directory you downloaded yaxim to, e.g. ~/yaxim/
  • Under "Projects to import", tick at least the following three: yaxim, ActionBarSherlock/actionbarsherlock (library in older versions of yaxim) and MemorizingTrustManager. The other projects are not required to compile yaxim.

WARNING: If you try to download yaxim into Eclipse's workspace, you will not be able to import it from there!

3. Create fake version.xml file

yaxim's ant build script is assembling the git version and build date into a version.xml file, which Eclipse can not do automatically.

You need to copy version.xml.tpl to res/values/version.xml (remove .tpl) and to manually change the @build_version@ string in there to something in the following format: "app_name version build_date". Example: "yaxim 0.8.6-eclipse 2013-11-10".

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