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Intelligent protection system for forgotten children in vehicle

The "Intelligent protection system for forgotten children in vehicle" is based on ARC and FPGA heterogeneous platforms. Through intelligent sensor systems and image processing systems, vehicles are equipped with intelligent environmental awareness, target detection, remote alert, emergency help, and voice interaction. The system can automatically detect when a child is forgotten in the car and remotely reminds parents to return. The system is equipped with one-click assistance and dangerous time self-startup help functions. At the same time,it can be used as a vehicle environment monitor for real-time display of formaldehyde, temperature and other environmental information inside the vehicle and to remind the superscript, the owner can also use the voice interaction to query the car environment and control some equipment in the car.


Project context

With the rapid popularity of automobiles in the world, it brings great convenience to people and also brings many security risks. Among them, accidents caused by the parents’ negligence have caused children to be locked in cars. When the car is parked, children will be locked in the car for a long time. Increased car temperature and decreased oxygen content can easily lead to dehydration, heat stroke, and even life threats. Because children do not have the ability to save themselves, they cannot take appropriate measures. In addition, most of the car window films make it difficult for passers-by to see trapped children from outside. 0 According to statistics, from 1998 to 2017, there were 709 children in the United States who were forgotten by the parents and caused death in the car. On average, 37 children died each year. In recent years, there have been similar situations in China. It has important practical significance to solve the problem of children's safety in the vehicle.

System Architecture



"Intelligent protection system for forgotten children in vehicle" is divided into parking and driving modes, both of which can be switched freely.

  • Parking Mode
    • Forgotten children test (by moving target detection and infrared body sensing)
    • Remote SMS and phone alerts
    • Emergency help (by flashing light and whistle alarm)
    • Temperature monitoring
  • Driving mode
    • Environmental information monitoring (real-time monitoring of formaldehyde concentration and temperature)
    • Voice interactive control system (with voice recognition function, can achieve control of vehicle equipment)

Hardware and Software Setup

Required Hardware

  • 1 DesignWare ARC EM Starter Kit(EMSK)
  • 1 ZYNQ Development Platform (ES-288)
  • 1 OV7670 camera
  • 1 infrared human body induction module
  • 1 temperature detection module
  • 1 GPRS module
  • 1 SIM card
  • 1 formaldehyde module
  • 1 speech recognition module
  • 1 speech synthesis module
  • 1 OLED display
  • 2 Relays
  • 3 LED lights
  • 1 cooling fan
  • 2 SDCard
  • 2 mobile power
  • The physical picture shown below 0000

Required Software

  • Metaware or ARC GNU Toolset
  • Serial port terminal, such as putty, tera-term or minicom
  • Vivado
  • Vivado HLS
  • Vivado SDK

Hardware Connection

  1. Connect GPRS, OLED display, FPGA development board and other devices to the corresponding interface of EMSK to realize the functions:
    • Connect GPRS module to J1 (Using UART0 interface)
    • Connect OLED screen to J2 (Using IIC0 interface)
    • Connect Speech recognition module to J3 (Using GPIO interface)
    • Connect Infrared human body sensing module to J3 (Using GPIO interface)
    • Formaldehyde module, temperature detection module, speech synthesis module are all connected to J4 (Using IIC1 interface)
    • Connect FPGA Development Board to J6 via DuPont Line
    • Connect OV7670 camera to FPGA Development Board
    • Connect Relays and LED lights to J5
  2. Configure your EMSKs with proper core configuration.

User Manual

Before Running This Application

Download source code of "Intelligent protection system for forgetten children in vehicle" from github.Write FPGA image file to SD card, start ES-288 FPGA.

The hardware resources are allocated as following table.

Hardware Resource Function
OV7670 camera Gathering images for the FPGA
infrared human body induction module Detect whether there are forgotten children in the car
temperature detection module Check the temperature inside the car
GPRS module Give the parents an emergency call
formaldehyde module Detection of formaldehyde concentration in the car
speech recognition module Identify owner's voice commands
speech synthesis module Synthetic interaction speech answer
OLED display Display interior temperature and formaldehyde concentration

Run This Application


  • Target options about EMSK and toolchain:

              BOARD ?= emsk
              BD_VER ?= 22
              CUR_CORE ?= arcem7d
              TOOLCHAIN ?= gnu
  • The relative series of the root directory, here the path of the Makefile is

              # root dir of embARC
              EMBARC_ROOT = ../../../..


Placing the drivers' source code in driver folder, you can see there are subfolders for GPRS module, Formaldehyde module, Speech synthesis module,Placing the C source file and header file in the corresponding subfolder.

folder/file Function
CH2O Formaldehyde module driver
DETECT Child detection
GPRS GPRS module driver
LED LED light driver
YUYIN Speech synthesis output driver



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