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Advanced Keyguard Manager

Prerequisites for Building

  • SBT
    • Install from
    • On a Mac with macports or brew: brew install sbt or port install sbt
  • The android support repository must be installed (Android SDK manager)
  • Android SDK setup, you can do one of:
    • Run the command android update project -p . -t android-17
    • Set the environment variable ANDROID_HOME to point to the path of the Android SDK.


  • sbt ~compile - compile continuously
  • sbt ~android:package - generate a debug apk continuously
  • sbt ~run - generate a debug apk, install and run it continuously
  • Commands can be run without ~ to run once only. Additionally, sbt can be run in interactive mode.
  • sbt gen-idea - generate IDE configuration to easily load into IntelliJ
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