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@@ -4,17 +4,15 @@ are extensions for the browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to integrate K
They require [KeePassHttp](, a plugin for KeePass which implements the communication for KeePass.
-## Download
+## chromeIPass for Google Chrome
-- [Download the extension for Mozilla Firefox](
-- [Download the extension for Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store](
+- [Download](
+- [Documentation]( (installation guide, troubleshooting, functionality, ...)
-## Installation and documentation
+## PassIFox for Mozilla Firefox
-Installation guide, requirements, troubleshooting, functionality, screenshots...
-- [Documentation for chromeIPass](
-- [Documentation for PassIFox](
+- [Download](
+- [Documentation](
Currently the documentation of PassIFox is not up-to-date!
Support is always welcome.
2  documentation/
@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ If this does not solve your problem, please [open an issue](
1. Check if you are using the [latest version of chromeIPass](
2. Check if your browser Google chrome is up-to-date
-3. Check if your version [KeePassHttp]( and [KeePass]( are up-to-date
+3. Check if your version of [KeePassHttp]( and [KeePass]( are up-to-date
#### 8.2.2 Check the background page console for error messages
1. Open a tab with URL _chrome://extensions_ and activate the _Developer mode_ to be able to generate the background page:<br />
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