Free persian font
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This is a free font under OFL license. "pfont" is just a codename for this font and is subject of change when we reach to a consensus about the final name.


Please read this link.


We used to use open .ufo standard for the font repo to be able to keep track of changes happened to indiviual glyphs but to have multiple weights manageable, for now we've been somehow get forced to use .glyphs single file format.

The good news is glyphs format is easily convertable to .ufo with glyphsLib. But this conversion seems to be oneway so we are not commiting the result of that tool to this repo for now.

We are looking for integrating fontmake instead fontbakery which we used before for our automated builds but being compatible with different shaping engines is on our top priority which our FontBakery builds seems had some issue with CoreText so we probably will publish the first versions of the font with the integrated font generator of glyphs app.