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Accelerated Packet Capture Engine for Multi-core Architectures



PFQ is a capturing engine designed for the Linux kernel that allows efficient packet capturing, in-kernel aggregation, functional processing and packet steering across sockets.

PFQ is highly optimized for multi-core architecture, as well as for network devices supporting multiple hardware queues. It works with any device driver (the ones shipped with the Linux Kernel) and provides a script (pfq-omatic) that patches and compiles source codes on-the-fly to obtain accelerated drivers.

The package provides the source code of the PFQ kernel module, user-space libraries for C, C++11 and Haskell languages and a set of diagnostic tools.


  • 10-Gbit Line-rate (14,8Mpps) with Intel ixgbe vanilla driver.
  • Socket groups allow for concurrent monitoring of multi-threaded applications.
  • Per-group packet steering through randomized hashing algorithms or deterministic packet classifications.
  • Per-group Berkeley filters and per-group VLAN filters.
  • Extensible framework for in-kernel functional monitoring (continuation passing style).
  • User-space native bindings for C, C++11 and Haskell languages.
  • PFQ-omatic, a script that allows to compile drivers and get the accelerated versions.
  • Accelerated pcap library.


We received the Best-Paper-Award at PAM2012 in Vienna for the paper "PFQ: a Novel Engine for Multi-Gigabit Packet Capturing With Multi-Core Commodity Hardware"":


Nicola Bonelli


Andrea Di Pietro

Loris Gazzarrini

Gregorio Procissi

Luca Abeni


PFQ home-page is Additional information are available here.

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