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spdif decoder for saleae logic analyzers
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SPDIF Logic Analyzer

This plugin is for use in the Saleae Logic program to decode captured data from any SPDIF Interface.


So far I've built/run it on 64 bit windows and linux.


To build the plugin, change to the plugin directory and run python

Once built (look for any errors in the build output), open Saleae Logic and Click

Options > Preferences > "Developer" Tab

The only option should be an area to specify a folder. Point this to the release folder in this plugin directory. If you already have a generic user-directory to collect plugins, copy release/ to your folder. Other architectures may use other file extensions (Mac: dylib; Linux: so; Windows: dll).


  • Auto-clocking, will track changes in clock speed.
  • Marks "B" frame boundaries with a white Dod
  • Marks out-of-sequence "B" frames with a red Dot
  • Marks non-decodable gaps in SPDIF interface with red X
  • WAV Output, save the capture to a wave file (48.0 kHz only)
  • RAW Output, save all 32-bit words from the interface
  • Errors show in data table


Install and assign to the SPDIF wire.

For reliable capture of 48kHz spdif, capture at 25 MHz For reliable capture of 192kHz spdif, capture at 100 MHz

wave_view decoder_view menu


This software is provided as-is, with no guarantees, so there.


  • The internal command-line analyzer (spdif.c) detects far more errors than the UI and it would be good to see these capabilities brought out.
  • Needs a channel-status and validity bits reported in the data table, ideally only changes would be marked.
  • Add a realistic signal generator
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