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Replace pfSense with the rebrand

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commit 2df0e712cd370f925bf3d916469cd92afea5546d 1 parent 2dd9b12
Warren Baker authored
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 usr/local/www/diag_nanobsd.php
10 usr/local/www/diag_nanobsd.php
@@ -247,15 +247,15 @@
<td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncell"><?=gettext("View previous upgrade log");?></td>
<td width="78%" class="vtable">
- if($_POST['viewupgradelog']) {
+ if ($_POST['viewupgradelog']) {
echo "<textarea name='log' cols='80' rows='40'>";
- echo file_get_contents("/conf/upgrade_log.txt");
+ echo str_ireplace("pfsense", $g['product_name'], file_get_contents("/conf/upgrade_log.txt"));
echo "\nFile list:\n";
- echo file_get_contents("/conf/file_upgrade_log.txt");
+ echo str_ireplace("pfsense", $g['product_name'], file_get_contents("/conf/file_upgrade_log.txt"));
echo "\nMisc log:\n";
- echo file_get_contents("/conf/firmware_update_misc_log.txt");
+ echo str_ireplace("pfsense", $g['product_name'], file_get_contents("/conf/firmware_update_misc_log.txt"));
echo "\nfdisk/bsdlabel log:\n";
- echo file_get_contents("/conf/fdisk_upgrade_log.txt");
+ echo str_ireplace("pfsense", $g['product_name'], file_get_contents("/conf/fdisk_upgrade_log.txt"));
echo "</textarea>";
} else {
echo "<form action='diag_nanobsd.php' method='post' name='iform'>";
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