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1 parent d06be1a commit 5077b1e45341f566bb5d42ece6513791f0ec39ec @cbuechler cbuechler committed Mar 13, 2013
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  1. +2 −2 usr/local/www/system_certmanager.php
4 usr/local/www/system_certmanager.php
@@ -1019,15 +1019,15 @@ function internalca_change() {
- <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncellreq"><?=gettext("Signing Request data");?></td>
+ <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncellreq"><?=gettext("Signing request data");?></td>
<td width="78%" class="vtable">
<textarea name="csr" id="csr" cols="65" rows="7" class="formfld_cert" readonly><?=htmlspecialchars($pconfig['csr']);?></textarea>
<?=gettext("Copy the certificate signing data from here and forward it to your certificate authority for signing.");?></td>
- <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncellreq"><?=gettext("Final Certificate data");?></td>
+ <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncellreq"><?=gettext("Final certificate data");?></td>
<td width="78%" class="vtable">
<textarea name="cert" id="cert" cols="65" rows="7" class="formfld_cert"><?=htmlspecialchars($pconfig['cert']);?></textarea>

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