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source IP is optional

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1 parent aa75247 commit 8b7c19ed3210286179063e46e1106bb532162b06 Chris Buechler committed Apr 4, 2013
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  1. +1 −1 usr/local/www/services_dnsmasq_domainoverride_edit.php
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ function String_Begins_With($needle, $haystack) {
<?=gettext("e.g."); ?> <em></em><br/><?=gettext("Or enter # for an exclusion to pass through this host/subdomain to standard nameservers instead of a previous override."); ?><br/><?=gettext("Or enter ! for lookups for this host/subdomain to NOT be forwarded anywhere."); ?></span></td>
- <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncellreq"><?=gettext("Source IP");?></td>
+ <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncell"><?=gettext("Source IP");?></td>
<td width="78%" class="vtable">
<?=$mandfldhtml;?><input name="dnssrcip" type="text" class="formfld unknown" id="dnssrcip" size="40" value="<?=htmlspecialchars($pconfig['dnssrcip']);?>">
<br> <span class="vexpl"><?=gettext("Source IP address for queries to the DNS server for the override domain."); ?><br>

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