various small emacs lisp libraries of own hand
Emacs Lisp
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Various Emacs Lisp libraries of my own hand


Interface to taggit to tag music files. Integration functions for mingus and dired are included.


Major Mode for editing cddbread entry files (e.g. for use with command-line CD-ripper abcde)


Completion functions for editing CSS-files (to be used alongside another CSS-mode)


Write Gothic like Wulfila (gothic input method)


Look up documentation on lisp-magick (both on C-style and LISP names)


Some interfaces for interacting interacting with the nyquist interpreter (which simply should be run with the function `run-lisp')


UPDATE: as of version 24.1 of emacs (in version control), I happily declare this mode to be obsolete, deprecated and what not. Eli Zaretskii has come far with Bidi-support (which is activated by setting bidi-display-reordering' to a non-nil' value, on a per-buffer bases, so please use that for testing and reporting back problems.

While we do not have bidirectional support in GNU Emacs, this program can be used to write right-to-left languages such as Arab, Persian and Yiddish.

Shells out to command-line program such as fribidi of bidiv to show a mirror buffer with bidified output for a buffer in logical order.


Program to write srt-formatted subtitles in Emacs. Uses either mplayer or vlc as a backend.


Write Yiddish like Singer (yiddish input method).


Disk-usage shows sorted disk usage in a directory in a dedicated buffer. This may help one to clean up ones disk. Small files can be ignored (see variable du-ignored-size). Options to "du" command line can be customized and/or edited in place when du is invoked with a prefix argument. Press d in a *du* buffer to visit a line in Dired.


Twittering-numbering adds link numbers to a twittering buffer, in the same fashion (and roughly the same code) as w3m-link-numbering-mode